Senior Consultant

Chris served 5 years with the Royal Air Force before joining the Royal Gibraltar Police.  Chris was awarded the Civil Service Scholarship for Law in 1971 and graduated from Nottingham University in 1974 with honours. He then attended the College of Law London, where he graduated with honours with the degree of Utter Barrister in 1975.  He is a member of Lincoln’s Inn and was called to the English Bar in London in July 1975.  A second call in the Supreme Court of Gibraltar to the local bar took place in August 1975.  He was inducted into the Attorney-General’s Chambers and served as a Crown Counsel and then Senior Crown Counsel for 5 years.  During this time he successfully completed the Government Legal Officer’s Course with the Home Office.  Chris was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship for post graduate doctoral studies in public law at Cambridge University in 1980 before opening his own firm in 1983.

Chris has acted in many landmark cases in Gibraltar and the United Kingdom and has appeared in all courts in both jurisdictions, including numerous appearances in the Courts of Appeal in both jurisdictions, the Privy Council and the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom. He is still practising in both countries.  Chris is recognised as an extremely able counsel in both civil and criminal matters and is often instructed by other lawyers and law firms in Gibraltar and the UK.  Chris is currently Verralls’ principal Consultant and heads up all matters involving litigation. Chris is an accomplished mediator and is a freeman of the City of London.