Employment Law

Verralls is dedicated to providing all-encompassing employment law services in what can be a stressful and complex area. Our experienced employment solicitors guide and advise clients on the practical application of the law in a manner which protects their best interests.

We are accustomed to the varying requirements of both small and large businesses as well as the issues which affect individual employees. Our team of employment law solicitors are available if you need support from redundancy lawyers, an employment contract lawyer, an employee rights lawyer, workplace bullying lawyers, a discrimination lawyer and more.

Consult with a Verralls employment lawyer for advice on or the production of:

  1. Fully compliant employment contracts
  2. Complete staff handbooks
  3. Compliance with the relevant governmental departments
  4. Policies and procedures relating to grievances and disciplinary issues
  5. Dismissals
  6. Wrongful termination
  7. Compromise or settlement agreements
  8. Representation at Employment Tribunal claims
  9. Industrial relations
  10. Trade unions
  11. Maternities
  12. TUPE