About Us

Verralls is a full service law firm based in Gibraltar that works with both business and private clients. We offer a proactive and personal legal service second to none. As a professional and unique law firm, we are structured to allow us to provide all of our clients a bespoke level of service and value that is second to none.

At Verralls, all of our lawyers are experts in their individual fields, giving you the peace of mind that your legal issues are dealt with professionally and with the necessary experience and expertise.

At the southernmost tip of Europe, with an area of  6.8 square kilometres and approximately 30,000 residents, it is no wonder that Gibraltar is a compelling place. It is also notable that this small, British territory has obtained international recognition for its appeal to tourism ,as well as its robust financial services.

Gibraltar is a British overseas territory with its own Constitution and internal self-government, including complete power over taxation. Gibraltar is a parliamentary democracy based on the British system and institutions.

Gibraltar’s legal system is modelled for the most part on the UK system with our Parliament passing Acts and principles being developed through principles of common law and equity as developed by our local Courts. These Courts consist off a Magistrates Court and a Supreme Court. There is a Court of Appeal which periodically hears appeals. A right of further appeal exists.

Gibraltar is in a prime place for re-location or for the setting up of a business. In particular, Gibraltar boasts: a detailed regulatory framework; 10% Corporation tax on profits accrued and derived in Gibraltar; No VAT and low import duties; no capital gains tax; currency in Sterling; numerous direct flights to and from the UK; one of the world’s highest GDPs; and favourable income tax for high net worth individuals and high earning professionals.